Travel And Tourism

Over the past sixty years, the tourism sector has grown to become a pillar of the global economy, driven by political cooperation, social change and far - reaching advances in technology; both in communications and infrastructure.Tourism activity is increasingly being shaped by technology; new applications for smartphones that offer a wide range of opportunities are being developed. Mobtecnica a Cochin based company focus on Travel Application Development. We are committed to the travel and tourism business by applying technology to improve Customer Experience.

How technology is changing global tourism?

Technology is evolving faster, it has made most travellers around the world much more tech-savvy. The Internet has made the travel & tourism industry more than any other factor in the last few decades. Now more people are connected to each other, with access to the vast pool of information available online, an increasing number of travelers are seeking information via the internet prior to making any travel decisions. So, it has become important for the tourism industry to adapt and uplift its practices and skills of the workforce within in to meet changing customer behavior.

Online users today and tomorrow

There are currently an estimated 1.8 billion Internet users globally. There has been substantial growth in all world regions, with regions like Africa and the Middle East both recording growth of over 1,600% in the last 9 years. Asia and the Pacific remain in the top position with over 760 million, representing over 40% of the total worldwide online population.

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