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Mobtecnica is a leading Enterprise Mobility Solutions provider in Cochin, Kerala India with a wide range of mobility solutions, designed to help your organization meet the challenges. Enterprise Mobility solutions enable your employees to effectively use their personal devices for enterprise applications. At Mobtecnica we fully understand enterprises need for a solution that covers the aspects of enterprise mobility lifecycle from end to end. In today’s flexible working environment, more and more employees use a plenty of different devices, from smartphones to tablets.

Mobtecnica a Cochin based Mobile Application Development Company focuses on Enterprise Mobility Management to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and corporate data on mobile devices of its client. With many systems, security policies can be centrally managed and enforced. Mobtecnica ensures data protection and security from unauthorized access of the application. Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions come with leading security and management controls that ensure data protection and secure connectivity from anywhere. These include secure connections to corporate data, and MDM solutions that help enterprises manage Enterprise Mobility securely and effectively. We provide best Enterprise Mobility Solutions to a wide range of industries that will mobilize your business.


Enterprise Planning, Monitoring and Management

Enterprise planning is an essential part of organization. Monitoring the growth and development is an indigenous part of enterprise management. Managing resources acquired through careful planning and research needs dedication as the outcome is directly proportional to the outcome. Mobile technology has Android applications, iOS applications and tools that come in hand for enterprise planning, its monitoring and the development. Many software development companies are turning to mobile application development companies in India as a part of client requirement as the clients are aware of the developments in mobile technology. Clients find it easier through web application development and mobile apps development and understand and updated that they can get mobile applications like Android apps, iPad/iPhone apps through Mobile Application Development Companies in India. Hence it becomes very important for software companies, mobile app development companies to give mobile applications to the clients that are customized to their requirements in Enterprise planning, monitoring and management. Mobtecnica is well equipped with its efficient workforce to provide mobile applications to its clients that are developed through mobile app design which goes through stringent mobile application testing. The mobile apps created using cross platform mobile application development tools by the app developers of Mobtecnica. Mobtecnica is becoming one of the best Application Development Company in Cochin, Kerala, India.

Real Time Audio Video Communications

Smart phone era has made communication easier, accessible, precise and on the finger tips. Companies are looking for new and easy means of communication through technology. This is where the mobile application development companies in India capitalize. They provide state of the art applications for companies helping them to have easier mode of communication both audio and video. Real time communication applications are developed by experts at Mobtecnica. Mobile applications are developed using cross mobile application development tools to carter such requirement from clients in the industry. These applications are in high demand as they are custom designed for the client as per their requirement and invariably making Mobtecnica the best Mobile Application Development Company in India.

Technology and Device level applications

Modern technology has inspired software development companies and mobile application development companies to create application as per the devices available with the clients. Systematic surging of new and potent technologies inspires companies to put their best foot forward to develop applications for the clients on the need basis. Hand held devices like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Micromax, and Motorola are few smart phones that are in high demand in the smart phone market. Entrepreneurs, software development companies and companies in various industries are turning to these smart phones for their daily business affairs. Mobile application development companies in India are using cross platform mobile application development tools to carter the requirement of clients for the Smartphone’s available to them. iOS apps and Android apps are the applications that is developed by Mobtecnica to meet the market requirement and be the top app developer company in India.

Open Source Customization

Mobtecnica is involved in Mobile Application development with open source web application development for its clients worldwide vary various verticals of Industry. Highly reliable and high performance web applications are used with open source platforms that was time tested and were developed successfully. Mobtecnica professionals create applications using Open Source development that can create mobile friendly applications which can run on mobiles without hiccups or hurdles. Mobtecnica experts take pride in helping clients that enhances their business widely.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as Smartphone’s or tablets. Mobile Application Development includes iOS application development and Android application development. Mobtecnica Consultancy is a Cochin based Mobile Application Development Company with skilled and professional developers.

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